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2013 Broomball Australia Nationals

Broomball Australia – 2013 Nationals Adelaide, South AustraliaThursday April 25th 2013 will see the commencement of the Broomball Australia Nationals.This year they are being held in Adelaide the capitol of South Australia. Teams from all member associations will be in attendance with the Men’s and Ladies competition being held April 25th – 27th and the […]

2013 IFBA European Nationals, Bled, Slovenia

2013 IFBA European Nationals, Bled, Slovenia

Late October saw teams, players, officials and members of the IFBA Executive all gather in the wonderful surrounds of Bled in Slovenia. The 2013 IFBA European Nationals were held over a number of days with all games hotly contested. Several team rosters were a little on the light side so those that made the trip […]

2013 Pacific Rim Tournament – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The 2013 Pacific Rim Tournament was recently held in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Hosted by Broomball Victoria a member of Broomball Australia, they were tasked with the hosting and running of the tournament. The event took place close to the CBD at the Medibank Icehouse making for an easy tournament to play broomball as well as […]

Pac Rim Tournament – Melbourne Australia

Pac Rim Tournament – Melbourne Australia

2013 Pacific Rim Tournament It is now only weeks prior to the 2013 Pacific Rim tournament in Melbourne, Australia. Confirmed visitors are the Ravens from North West Territories several of the Icemen from Ottawa and a contingent from Japan. The host association in Melbourne has worked tirelessly to put together an event that all will […]

Logo for IFBA European Nationals Released

Logo for IFBA European Nationals Released

Received today in the mail is the newly released logo for the upcoming IFBA European Nationals in Bled.The tournament will soon be upon those travelling to Bled and we again urge teams and team managers to register now to be included in this exciting event. Details on how and where to register can be found […]

IFBA Documentation

With the introduction of the new official IFBA web site comes the opportunity to post much of the IFBA documentation up on line. The IFBA Executive are currently working through the new IFBA constitution which, due to significant legislative changes in Canada relating to Associations and Constitutions is taking up more time than originally planned. […]

National and ‘Club’ teams at IFBA World Championships

The World Broomball Championships being held in Tomakomai late in 2014 will see minor changes to how ‘club’ teams will be included.Following a ratification by the IFBA Executive as of April 13th 2013, all teams not the immediate ‘National’ team of an IFBA member association will be required to submit to their respective National Associations […]

Promoting the 2014 IFBA World Broomball Championships

The Japan Broomball Association through Ken Hososaka are setting out to promote the 2014 IFBA World Broomball Championships to the local community in a big way.Ken was recently in Australia for the 2013 Pacific Rim Tournament in Melbourne and clearly went home with several prize jerseys in his luggage. Ken has used his new acquisitions […]