A big week of competition with over 1200 athletes all converging on Minneapolis and the Schwan Super Rink in Blaine.

The facility and host organisation all worked seamlessly to put on a wonderful week of the best broomball on the planet. The event is such that there are many who are friends from years past who plan the week to again come together and celebrate and make new friends in the process. In excess of 180 games in 4.5 days of intense competition gave rise to what some have said to be the best examples of finals broomball ever. The trophies and awards all presented to those clearly demonstrating they are worthy and the international recognition of excellence by those nominated into the new category of the IFBA Hall of Fame was quickly found to be a big hit with all at the banquet. 

The IFBA Board congratulates all the winners whom are listed below.


2018 IFBA Masters Division: Challenge Cup – HOME GROWN

2018 IFBA Masters Division: World Cup – SUN DEVILS

2018 IFBA Mixed Division Challenge Cup – AUSTRALIA DINGOES – GOLD

2018 IFBA Mixed Division World Cup – TEAM CANADA BROOMSHACK

2018 IFBA Ladies Division Challenge Cup – MINNISOTA RESISTANCE

2018 IFBA Ladies Division World Cup – AMIGO QUEBEC

2018 IFBA Challenge Cup Mens Division – BORDER CITY BULLDOGS

2018 IFBA World Cup Mens Division – TEAM CANADA –NATIONALS



Masters Division

TEAM: Sun Devils:   Craig Garcia

Mixed (Co-Ed) Division:

Male: TEAM: Broomshack: Alex Perreault

FEMALE: TEAM: Broomshack: Alexandra Tavares

Women’s Division

TEAM: Amigos: Rosemarie Michaud

Men’s Division

TEAM: Team Canada – Ottawa Nationals: Jeremiah Widermann



Goalie  – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Radical Steel – Rob McKellar

Defense – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: HPQ Silicon Canada – Francois Lavigne

Defense – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Fat Les Selects – Mario Quenneville

Forward – COUNTRY: USA TEAM: Sun Devils – Jason Revels

Forward – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Most Wanted – Jeff Plourde

Centre – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Calgary Blazers – Chad Pelland

Coach – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Fat Les Selects – Doug Sloane


Goalie:  COUNTRY: Australia TEAM: Team Gold Dingos – Christine Filsell

Defense – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Alkatchetario Rage – Joleen Shea

Defense – COUNTRY: Japan TEAM: Japan Ice Ducks – Tatsuya Aroki

Forward – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Team Canada Broomshack – Jean-Nicolas Champagne

Forward – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Maritime Noreasters – Keith Comeau

Centre – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Regal Beagle – Justin Mackey

Coach – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Maritime Nor’ Easters –  Gordie Kimm


Goalie – COUNTRY: USA TEAM: Minnesota Resistance – Shannon Rising

Defense – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Amigo Quebec – Chloe’ Perreault

Defense – COUNTRY: USA TEAM: Minnesota Reign – Lisa Bennett

Forward – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Eagles – Kendra Gull

Forward – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Team Canada Rebels – Christine Fortney

Centre – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Flaming Crusaders – Madison Krienke

Coach – COUNTRY: USA TEAM: Minnesota Reign – Casey Gibbons


Goalie – COUNTRY: USA TEAM: Chiefs – Dan Shugarts

Defense – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Bruno Axemen –  Yan Marineau

Defense – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Odessa – Christopher Wild

Forward – COUNTRY: USA TEAM: Kelly Lake – Pete Sikich

Forward – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Team Canada -Nationals – Joe Kealey

Centre – COUNTRY: USA TEAM: C & L Exe – Kevin Purinton

 Coach – COUNTRY: Canada TEAM: Team Canada – Nationas – Steve Norman


Mr Al ‘Woody’ Stauffacher. Governor for USA Broomball to the IFBA


The IFBA Hall of Fame.                               45419351_10156339099258725_8133772583712587776_n

 Jean-Noel Gilbert – IFBA Hall of Fame

 Kim Shapley –  IFBA Hall of Fame