The IFBA Board along with all Member Associations accepts that our sport maintains our unique style of game play as outlined in our mission statement to be found near the front of our rule book.

“To promote fair play and a healthy lifestyle through participation in the sport of broomball commensurate with different communities, cultures and local initiatives in the global environment “

To that end back prior to the 2010 World Broomball Championships held in Innsbruck the WADA Anti Doping code was adopted as the best guideline for our sport by the member governors. While little conversation has covered this important topic since, within the IFBA Rule Book (Rule 67, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, 8th specification) there is an important and necessary inclusion that identifies action that will be taken.

Globally broomball is a social sport for all who participate. The topic has always sat in the background of the administration of the sport at the international level and to date we have not experienced any incident. To that end the IFBA Board wish to stress that the acceptance of the code is still in place and applicable at any sanctioned IFBA until as such times that the member associations decide otherwise.

The latest update to the WADA policy can be found here: wada_anti-doping_code_2019_english_final_revised_v1_linked

WADA-Anti-Doping-Code-2015-pdf    wadalogo_rdax_1200x660_90