November 2nd to November 7th, 2020

With the 2020 World Broomball Championships now on the not so distant horizon, teams have already begun to register and things are starting to take shape for the Kingston Ontario host committee. or follow them on Facebook


  1. Men’s
  2. Women’s
  3. Mixed
  4. Men’s Masters
  5. Women’s Masters
  • Women’s, Mixed & Masters Categories are non contact
  • Masters Category, 40 years of age or over on or before the commencement date of the tournament
  • Schedule formats will be determined by the number of registered teams at a later date.


Registration is now open, the registration deadline is October 1st 2020.

Teams can register online English or French

  1. All registrations are done online using the links above, no entries will be accepted by the 2020 Kingston Host Committee or by mail.
  2. Cost for Registration for the 2020 event is $1,500.00 CA for teams using Host Hotels and $2,500.00 CA if teams choose to stay at other hotels. This will be strictly enforced and monitored by the Host Committee.
  3. No team will be accepted until the funds clear the IFBA account.
  4. Teams withdrawing from the event after May 30th, 2020 forfeit their registration fee.
  5. IFBA competition policy requires Minimum Team roster to be 16 players. Teams arriving with fewer players will not be eligible to participate. This rule is in the best interest of the teams for the safety of players due to the amount of games played over the 5 full days of competition. Any deviation from this should be directed to the IFBA for their approval.
  6. Due the amount of Canadian teams requesting to participate in this event, a registration format has been implemented in the following manner. For each category the registration will work in “rounds” (each country entering a team)
  7. Teams entered will still be on a first come first serve basis.
  8. The 2018 Defending Champions and designated Host Teams are guaranteed a position in the tournament.
  9. First round– each country participating is guaranteed one registration position.
  10. Second Round – international teams have first right of refusal of entering a second team to be addressed with a deadline.
  11. Third Round – international teams have first right of refusal of entering a third team to be addressed with a deadline.
  12. And so on until all positions are filled, empty positions will be filled by Canadian teams.
  13. Any teams that registers and gets bumped out of the event will be refunded fully.


  1. The Host Committee has secured several hotels for the event, all within a short driving distance to all venues. The list of hotels can be viewed on the host web site. These accommodations are to be considered IFBA approved accommodations.
  2. The IFBA and Host Committee will not be held responsible for any damages as a result of team behavior in the hotels. This will be the responsibility of the team and guests staying in the damaged room. Should the damages result during the competition, the person(s) responsible and incident will be reviewed by the IFBA Executive for possible disciplinary action and the responsible person(s) may be terminated from the event and forfeit any opportunity to participate in future IFBA sanctioned events.
  3. Teams not using IFBA approved Accommodations will be subject to an additional registration fee as noted in the Registration Policy for this event.
  4. You will be asked to include the accommodations your team has chosen on the registration form and we encourage teams to use the Hotel contact information and book your rooms after your registration is complete.

Host Car Rental Agency

  • view the list of Car Rental Agencies on the host web site. (coming soon)

Event Referee’s

  1. Interested Officials please contact IFBA Chief Official Doug Nixon. Information pertaining to specific costs, accommodations, per diems and transportation will be distributed by the Chief Official.
  2. Information pertaining to the Referee’s Clinic will be sent by the IFBA Chief Official. All Event referees must attend this clinic for upgrading certification.

Practice Ice

  1. Practice ice requests and costs are coordinated by the Host Committee.
  2. Exhibition game requests will also be coordinated through the Host Committee.
  3. Any teams arriving the week prior to the event can contact the Host Committee to make arrangements for exhibition games with either local teams or other teams participating in the event.
  4. Any international Broomball Referees arriving to the event early can contact the Host Committee if they are interested in officiating exhibition games prior to the event .
  5. The Host Committee can also provide information for sightseeing tours during this time, more information will be available on the web site soon.

IFBA Coaching Clinic

  •  An IFBA “non-certified” coaching clinic will take place, the date will be announced later, cost of the clinics is $100 per participant, registration for the clinic is available on this registration form.

Team Souvenir Exchanges

  • Teams will have time to exchange team souvenirs with competing teams prior to each game. To ensure there is no disruption in the game schedules, teams Captains and Alternate(s) do one exchange at centre ice prior to the game.

Banquet Information:

  1. Banquet tickets must be paid for in advance and are included on this registration form.
  2. Teams will be required to order banquet tickets online prior to the event. A minimum purchase of 16 tickets per team is required.
  3. The cost for banquet tickets is Sixty dollars ($60.00 CA) per person.

Civic Reception:

  • A Civic Reception will be held during the event, one representative from each team will be invited to attend the event. More information about the Civic Reception will be provided to each team after registration.


  1. Local information can be found on the Host web site at:
  2. Live event stats will be available on the Broomball Canada live stats program.
  3. The event will be Video streamed, broadcasting information will be available at a later date.

This page will be updated with more event information as we get closer to the event.

Please contact the Host Committee or IFBA Secretary General Alan Jabs : if you have questions or require more information.